Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Richmond City Commission Candidate Michael Bryant


In this edition of Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns, Richmond City Commission candidate Michael Bryant says that he knows the inner workings of government on all levels, from his past as a reporter (even right here at Wallingford Broadcasting) and currently working for the Madison County Emergency Operations Center as Director. Bryant says he knows all the players from these experiences, and that he can bring a unique perspective if he gets elected from his job history.

Bryant explained that neighborhoods are one of his top priorities, as he had personal experience with a beautiful historic home that had become a party situation, as one of his neighbors. He says that current ordinances are not enough, and that more which are in the works need to be implemented to keep the sanctity of some of Richmond’s historic properties.

Economic development and the main street project were also topics of discussion, in which Bryant says he is fully supportive of the developments coming to downtown Richmond.

One of the bigger issues Bryant mentioned as he is familiar with from the inside is the CSEPP funding, which will eventually dissipate as the chemical stockpiles at the Bluegrass Army Depot are slowly destroyed over the next few years. Bryant says funding will have to come from other sources to make up for this inevitable defecit. He also said the emergency sirens and phone systems could go with this, so other systems will need to be put in place.