Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Richmond City Commission Candidate Mike Brewer


Lifelong Madison County native Mike Brewer served on the Richmond City Commission before: for 12 years as the youngest commissioner elected at 25.

Now he’s seeking to gain one of the positions back to serve the city, and cites his experience before as well as his decades as a paramedic as putting him in a unique position to get things accomplished for Richmond.

Brewer knows firsthand the destructive effects of the drug epidemic in his years working with EMS. He says that although it is a national problem, there are solutions that can be implemented here in Madison County right away.

He also says he has seen great strides in the growth of the city, and recalled fond memories of riding his bike through the downtown area when he was growing up. However, Brewer says that more could be done to revitalize the downtown areas.

Brewer shied away from controversy, and says that fault finding with others in positions of power is not necessary, but to instead focus on the issues at hand in the county and city.