Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Richmond City Commission Candidate Chris Childers


To kick off the long list of candidates running for the spots on the Richmond City Commission, candidate Chris Childers came by the studio for a 2 minute sit down.

Childers knows the ins and outs of Richmond’s infrastructure, and says he has a degree in Architecture. He spoke about the revitalization of downtown, and stressed that it is the long range plans for Richmond that are most important, citing his family.

Childers has served multiple years on Richmond’s Planning and Zoning board, and says there has rarely been a dull moment as there are always issues with certain areas of the city.

He also mentioned the drug epidemic, as well as the police force, and hopes that more funding that the city has saved can go towards the first responders who keep our city safe.

Stay tuned as all City Commission candidates are introduced on WBON-TV!