Hundreds at Foothills Expected to Lose Jobs at 1st of Next Year



An expected layoff has been announced by Kentucky river Foothills, in regards to those employed at the Headstart program in Madison County. An email, stating that 142 jobs are in jeopardy was sent to faculty, staff, and the state yesterday. Here is the official statement from KRFDC:

KRFDC has been notified that it was not the highest ranked applicant in a recent Head Start competitive bid process. The agency was awarded a contract extension through December 31, 2018 to provide the Office of Head Start/Health and Human Services time to finalize negotiations with the selected provider. KRFDC fully expects that Head Start services will be uninterrupted during the transition. Although KRFDC does not know the identity of the new grantee, the agency will fully cooperate in transitioning the services.