2018 Election 2-Minute Sitdowns: Jailer Doug Thomas


Continuing with the 2018 election coverage, we spoke to Jailer Doug Thomas, a Madison Countian and lifelong Democrat who will be seeking a third term at the head of the Madison County Detention Center.

Jailer Thomas said it is a must to expand the detention center, which is chronically overcrowded, usually hovering around 200% over-capacity. Jailer Thomas says that at the moment, he has 180 inmates sleeping on the floors of the aged jail.

He says that is the main issue of his platform, and that he will continue to make strides to bring programs to the jail, space-permitting.

Jailer Thomas added that without his staff and the continued support of the Fiscal Court, County Government, and Department of Corrections, he would not be able to do the difficult job daily during this drug epidemic.