Election 2018 Two-Minute Sitdowns: Jailer Candidate Steve Tussey


A Madison County native is running on the Republican ticket for Jailer for the second time. Steve Tussey sat down with Marisa Hempel and told her about his over 30 years in the corrections industry, including working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons right under the Director for the country.

Although he is now retired, Tussey moved back to Richmond and developed a curriculum for EKU corrections training, and advises students.

Tussey spoke about the ongoing jail overcrowding issue, and said that he has immense experience in not only designing new jail facilities but the training of the staff as well. He says that a new facility could be the only remedy for the routinely overcrowded Madison County Detention Center, and he has seen expansion projects fix such issues in his years in the corrections industry.

He applauded the Department of Criminal Justice Training here in our backyard, and said that it would be crucial to get interns from the law enforcement training facility into the jail to get hands on experience in Corrections.