Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Circuit Court Clerk Allee Combs Whicker


In this edition of Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns, current Circuit Court Clerk Allee Combs Whicker came in to talk about her time in the position, which she was appointed to at the end of last year following the retirement of the previous Clerk.

However, Allee explains that she has been in the office for years, and is very familiar with all of the tasks that the job entails. Whicker, who is running on the Democrat ticket, says that not many people understand that there are five offices that are overseen by the position, from District Court to Family Court and all those in between.

She adds that not many changes are needed at this time, but more hires could be necessary because of the overloaded nature of the courts. Whicker says she wants to countinue the upward momentum since she has been in the position, and hopes to bring in interns from EKU to not only teach them the nature of the job at the Clerk’s offices but to help ease the workload.