Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Richard ‘Rick’ Johnson


In this edition of Election 2018 two minute sitdowns, we speak to Richard ‘Rick’ Johnson, who is seeking election on the Republican ticket as the Madison County Sheriff. Johnson says he has worked drug enforcement at all levels, from federal to city streets working against the ever growing drug epidemic.

With over 24 years experience in law enforcement, Johnson explains that he has the know-how to fight drugs both at the street level, and coming in from outside Madison County. Johnson says that he used to seize large amounts of drugs coming from as far as Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

Johnson says that some of his priorities besides drugs are keeping children safe in our schools, as that has no doubt been a hot topic in the past weeks. Johnson crunched the numbers to see what it would take to get a county deputy in every school, and says that if this is not in the budget he’d like to compromise to make sure all schools are covered.

Another thing that has been brought to Rick’s attention is response times for the sheriff’s office, as it sometimes takes longer than expected for officers to get to the far reaches of Madison County.