Richmond Police Retiring K9 Unit Rush


During Tuesday night’s commission meeting it was announced that Rush the police dog would be retired from service due to recent health issues. Rush will be going to live with a retired Lexington police officer who has experience in handling trained dogs.

The Human Rights Commission was appointed a new member who will serve until 2021.  There were also resignations from members from several different boards and a Richmond Police detective will be retiring as well.

Lastly the commission had a brief discussion about an ordinance put forth by the mayor to allow the whoever is mayor to appoint someone as the Richmond Utility Board’s chairmen in place of themselves.  Several of the commissioners had issues with the ordinance and felt that it needed further work and review before it passed.  The ordinance failed to pass with the mayor having the only yes vote.  Under the current ordinance the mayor is required to serve as chairmen of the board.