Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: KY House District 73 Representative Candidate Pat Banks


Artist Pat Banks says she is a Kentuckian through and through, as her family is from Olive Hill and Morehead. Although she says she had begun a campaign for Magistrate where she lives in Northern Madison County years ago, this is technically her first run for office. She says she wanted to run to represent District 73 in Northern Madison and Clark counties, as she feels she can bring much needed change to Frankfort.

Banks is running in the May primary for the state seat on the Democratic ticket, and says one of her passions is the Kentucky River, and keeping our water clean. She says she would want to sponsor or push legislation to ensure that our natural water sources are kept safe and clean.

We also spoke about the lack of value as of late that has been demonstrated, in her opinion, in Frankfort regarding pensions and retirement for all public employees. Banks commended the teachers for taking the lead to march on the Capitol, but says that no one need forget the first responders and other state workers whose promised pensions could be in jeopardy. She says one of the first things she would do would be to join the Education Committee in Frankfort, and be there to support public schools in this time of need.