Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: County Attorney Candidate Robert Jennings


Democrat attorney Robert Jennings came in for a Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdown, and says that he has been prepping to run for the office of Madison County Attorney his entire life as he grew up in the Madison County Courthouse. Jennings explains his family has ties to the area going back two centuries, and his father was a Madison County judge for 30 years.

After attending law school at University of Kentucky, Jennings returned, where he practices law here in town. He says he has experienced first-hand every docket, from criminal to disability.

One of the topics Jennings mentioned he was passionate about was victim’s rights and victim’s advocacy in the court rooms. He says that because of the sheer volume of cases going through all dockets, sometimes those that need the most help get lost in the fray.

Ways to fix this, he elaborates, would be to implement both mental health and veteran’s courts, which are effective in other counties at tailoring the judicial process to better prescribe medication or treat pre-existing conditions that may have led to that individual standing in front of the judge.

Jennings made it a point to say that his door would always be open if he is elected as Madison County Attorney, and he promised he would always have a listening ear for the citizens of Madison County.