Berea City Council Passes Tax Rate for 2018 and also Announces City Cleanup Day


Berea’s City Council has set the tax rate for 2018 by unanimous vote.  The tax rate on all real and personal property will be set at a rate of 10.2 cents per 100 dollars of assessed value.  This is the same rate as the previous year.

It was also announced that October 20th will be a city cleanup day for Berea.  The cleanup will begin at 9 am at city hall.

The Berea Human Rights Commission awarded Ms. Virginia Bland for her work with handicapped citizens of Berea.

Councilor Jerry Little also brought forth concerns on the continuing controversy over Berea’s electricity provider.   He stated that he felt that the council was misled and kept in the dark on the details over the contract negotiations for Berea’s electricity.

Citizens during the public comment section of the meeting brought up concerns over Berea Tourism.  He brought up signs that were being given out by Berea Tourism that he said attacked the Facebook group Berea Moderates and accused the mayor of having the signs be made.  Another citizen brought forth complains that city tourism employees were unable to properly do their jobs as they didn’t know where certain tourism spots at Berea College were at.