Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: County Attorney Candidate Jennie Haymond


Republican County Attorney Candidate and self-professed ‘army brat’ Jennie Haymond says she has two things that set her apart from the other candidates: that she is the only EKU grad running, and that she has the most prosecuting experience overall.

Haymond currently prosecutes in Estill County, but says she has to pay the bills and jokingly refers to her working in a civil practice here in Richmond part-time.

Some of the highlights in her career she mentions were her “firsts”: such as her first DUI case, in which she felt a sense of justice and accomplishment.

During her two minute sitdown Haymond explained that one of her angles is to help juveniles, as she consistently prosecutes in juvenile court. Her aim is to get to the children when they are young enough and help steer them in the right direction using the court system.

A topic of discussion involving Haymond’s platform was coordinated efforts with all local police agencies, which Haymond says she is always on-call for first responders to reach out to her.

The drug epidemic and overcrowded jail were also topics that no candidates have been able to avoid touching on, to which Haymond replied that she believes in punishing accordingly, but that substance abuse treatment is crucial as most cases she sees can be easily tied back to drug abuse.