City Commission Clashes With Mayor Over Potential Tax Increase


During the Tuesday night city commission meeting a proposed property tax increase was not voted on by the commission.  The reason for the lack of vote on the tax increase was that none of the commissioners put forth a motion to vote on the tax increase.  The commissioners voiced that their main reason for not voting on the ordinance was that many of their constituents wanted an decrease in taxes.

Mayor Barnes was in favor of the ordinance and said that the city services such as fire and police are increasing in cost and that a tax increase is necessary for the services.  He went on to say that the budget which was passed earlier this year took into account an increase in taxes.  He voiced his frustrations at the commission, stating that the budget would require extra work to be done to account for taxes not increasing.

Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission as well as the Board of Adjustments will be receiving a raise in compensation for their services. Members of the boards will now be receiving one hundred dollars for every meeting attended and board chairs will be receiving two hundred.