A New Neighborhood Watch in Berea Keeps an Eye Out After String of Thefts


After reports of multiple thefts in the prospect street area of Berea, members of the community banded together to form a neighborhood watch, with the help of city officials and Berea police department. however, they still had some concerns regarding an unlit path and wanted to get the word out to the those that live in the area as they continue their efforts to keep the neighborhood safer. WBONTV went down to the area and spoke to the citizens, as well as with the police department.

Berea police chief David Gregory said that both the non emergency number as well as messaging the department via social media can be used, but reminds citizens that if you would like an officer to come to your area to make sure to dial 911 when you make any report. Berea police also encourage all to contact them at any time no matter what to ensure the safety of the community.

This marks another start to yet another neighborhood watch in Berea, and the police department states that they are always willing to help get new ones going throughout the community.