Richmond Prevents Delinquents From Using City Services


The Richmond City Commission passed an ordinance preventing delinquents from using city services.  The definition of delinquent in the ordinance is anyone who has unpaid fines or city taxes. Said person will be unable to apply for things such as building permits or business licenses.

The city manager is now able to assess whether street side parking will cause a hindrance to emergency services.  In such a case the city manager can create a no parking zone on one side of a street to allow fire trucks and ambulances to pass in case of emergencies.

There is also now a new committee that oversees federal and other grants the city recessives. The zoning committee will also be a hiring an architect as its newest member.

lastly the city will be purchasing an order of 64 2019 EZ-Go  gas golf carts.  The purchase was made after Dever Inc. wa the only company to make a bid for the carts.