Commence Operation Broken Cart: RPD Helps Local Retail Loss Prevention Officers



The Richmond Police department in a partnership with with local retail loss prevention officers successfully charged 56 people with nearly 90 charges. The local law enforcement agency had the highest number of charges as a result of a 3 day operation, even compared to Louisville. Officers made an effort at local stores such as Lowe’s and the Richmond Kroger to keep an eye out for shoplifters and crack down on those stealing from the businesses.

Together they identified 41 individuals stealing in the Richmond Area and recovered approximately $2,468 worth of stolen property over the course of a three day period. In addition there were suspects arrested for crimes beyond shoplifting, 21 drug offenses, 13 warrants served and 11 other related charges as a result of the three day operation. The approximate street value of the narcotics seized was $30,000

Watch the video below for an exclusive interview with an Organized Retail Crime Unit Officer!