The Opioid Crisis and Rising Methamphetamine Use Hot Topics Of Discussion At Business Luncheon


The Richmond Chamber of Commerce held its monthly business luncheon at Eastern Kentucky University’s Perkins Building.  The guest speaker was physician and Kentucky State Senator Dr. Ralph Alvarado who spoke about the drug epidemic in Kentucky.

He spoke on alleviating the opioid crisis by focusing on alternative options for people who are in pain.  He stated that using alternatives such as physical therapy and chiropractors instead of using prescription pain killers has proven to be effective in preventing addiction from happening at all and keeping narcotics off the streets.  He also stated that ibuprofen has been shown to be effective for people who have undergone surgery and that prescription opioids should be use only in extreme cases.

He went on to talk about also creating programs to help people who have been prescribed opioids properly dispose of their left over medicine.  One method he discussed was a substance that could be mixed with water that the medicine can then dissolved in. He said that after the pills are mixed in they have no physiological effects and are safe to dispose of in your regular trash or even compost.

He also touched on the rising use of methamphetamine in recent years.  He stated that methamphetamine production has been up because is has very high profit margins for the criminals producing it.  He went on to say that he feels that addiction is ultimately a disease and  that addicts will use whatever drug they can get for the least cost.