Competition This Weekend to ‘Lift’ the Spirits of Families with Sick Children


This weekend in Winchester, a power lifting competition with 60 power lifting athletes will take place to fully benefit Hannah’s Care Packages, a local organization that provides care packages to the families who have sick children in the hospital. Founder of the project and power lifter herself Jessica Ball met with us to explain the weight lifting competition, and how Hannah’s Care Packages came to be.

She says that they have grown exponentially in the few short years that they have been providing these services to families, and that they not only can provide the packages and financial assistance, but that the most important piece is the connection made with the families who may be dealing with the most stress of their lives.

More than 60 lifters provided their fees this weekend to Hannah’s Care Packages, and they will also get proceeds from the food trucks on site, off the Bypass at the Crossfit Station in Winchester.
Tickets are $10, and will go directly into the organization to help the families that are bounced between hospitals. Lifting begins at 9 am and will continue through the afternoon this Saturday, July 28th.