Jailer Thomas Weighs in on Overcrowding, Rehab/Jail Expansion Plans, Your Tax Dollars


Exactly one year after we first met with Jailer Doug Thomas, we went back to the detention center to get an idea of how the overcrowding situation which has been out of control for years has been going. Thomas says it has only gotten worse, and that is why the jail expansion project, which will come in around $20 million, is absolutely necessary.

There has recently been a bit of contention regarding last week’s Madison County fiscal court work session, where the plans to expand the jail and/or add a treatment center to the county seem to be coming to fruition after years of planning.

However, nothing is set in stone just yet, as there are two more fiscal court readings that will have to take place.

The rehab facility was quoted around $10-13 million, however the issue of the almighty dollar when funding these endeavors is the main concern of citizens.

A slide from the presentation last Thursday was circulating on social media, sparking concern with citizens on some of the potential cuts; such as eliminating Battlefield Golf Course, the County Recycling Program, and most notably, changing the County Fire Department to volunteer-only.

Jailer Thomas attempts to qualm some fears, and says these are only proposals and the Magistrates as well as Judge-Executive Reagan Taylor are looking into all options. The other option being, a 10% increase in taxes to fund these build projects as the county is not usually in the best financial standing to take on such large construction projects.

Stay tuned as WBON-TV will be following up with Judge Taylor to get the Fiscal side of this contentious issue, next week.