Residents Upset Bridge Is Still Blocked On Tates Creek Road


Locals are concerned with the lack of progress on the closed bridge located on Tates Creek Road in Madison County. According to a local resident, Bobbie Kelley, the bridge located near the 2800 area of Tates Creek has been closed for nearly four weeks with no sign of improvement. Kelley told WBON tv that the closure has impacted the locals who now must take the detour around Jacks Creek road, which adds up to 10 miles to their commute to Richmond. Kelley was also concerned with the large population of elderly citizens in the area and the added response time of emergency personnel due to the closed bridge. With back to school quickly approaching, this detour will greatly impact school bus routes in the area as well. WBON TV spoke with Transportation Engineer Branch Manager, Matt Simpson regarding the ongoing bridge work on Tates Creek. Simpson said that every effort is being made to expedite the replacement of the bridge. According to Simpson, after a design for the new bridge is accepted, contractors will be given the opportunity to study the new design before placing a bid on the project. After a contractor has been selected, the build process is expected to take at least four months to complete. With summer coming to an end, it will be a race against the clock to get the new bridge in place before winter.

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