Contract Between Little League and City of Richmond Explained



If you are interested in the contract between the City and Little League for the ball fields, WBONtv acquired a copy of the contract. Here are some of the highlights:


Respective Rights and Obligations of the Parties. The City shall:

-prep the fields

-Determine when weather or field conditions are such that games are cancelled

-Maintain irrigation system

-Maintain bleachers

-Winterize Facilities

-Clean, stock and maintain the bathrooms

-Maintain the parking lots

-Be responsible for trash removal

-Mow and string trim the fields

-Maintain fences

-Maintain dugouts

-Maintain batting cages nets

-Maintain concession building

-Mow, trim, or spray the fenced in irrigation valve areas

Little League shall:

-Purchase turface

-Make reimbursements to the City for its overtime costs incurred for work on weekends

-Manage concessions and bear expenses associated with that management

-Purchase supplies needed for field repair

-Maintain lighting and scoreboards

-Maintain and repair batting cage frame and be responsible for net replacement

-Prepare the fields on Sundays

-Assume sole responsibility for its equipment and the storage of it

-Assume sole liability for payment of the facility’s electric bill