Update From The Madison County School Board


The Madison County School System will be purchasing two new engines for buses with a cost of just over 48 thousand dollars.  The purchase of the engines will save to school system money as the two buses having their engines replaced will be on the road for many more years instead of having to purchase two new buses.

The new bus garage in Berea has began the first steps of construction.  The foundation is beginning to be laid down.  Construction on the bus garage has been delayed due to the heavy rains the area has been receiving.

There were also several updates for the nearly completed construction of the new Boonesborough Elementary School which will be open for the coming school year.  A bank account for the school as well as a parent teacher organization for the school has been established.  A celebration for the opening of the school was held on July 3rd. Kindergartners who will be attending Boonesborough for its first year were brought in to leave their marks on the floor of the school’s media center before the carpet is laid.  The children wrote words of encouragement and singed their names into the concrete.  One girl wrote “We are the first ones to go here, so make it count.”    Upload Files