Berea Non-Profit Teaches Recovering Addicts Farming Skills


A graduation ceremony of a pilot program from a local non profit occurred last night in Berea. The program, called Harvesting Hope was created to teach recovering addicts farming skills as well as help the ladies from a local treatment center avoid relapse.

According to those in charge with the parent non profit Sustainable Berea, Harvesting Hope was created with the idea that fixing the opioid crisis could be done from within the community.

The skills the women learn on the farm can be used in other workplaces by teaching things like accountability.  The current program was a small test run to see if the ideas work, and the program was a deemed a huge success.

Thanks to a grant from the USDA, the project will have 24 women in groups of four complete the program. After they complete there will be follow ups conducted with the women for the next five years.