100-Year-Old Train a Little Off ‘Track’ in Waco!


A 100 year old train that was due to be delivered to Ravenna in Estill county is not exactly where it is supposed to be.

The 1918 locomotive is now stranded on the truck in a field in Waco, out on Panola road.

Wbontv spoke to the truck driver, who said he had been out at the location since 11 a.m. yesterday. Luckily, he has a large cab with plenty of food in his truck, but he says there is thousands of dollars worth of damage to the truck. The weight of the train is making moving it nearly impossible, and officials say a crane might have to take the piece of transportation history out of there.

This particular piece is one of many that were delivered to historic Ravenna, but as it is the chassis, it is arguably the biggest and most important piece.