State Representative Wesley Morgan Files Defamation Suit After Primary Loss Against Frazier


State representative C. Wesley Morgan has filed a lawsuit against his opponent that beat him out in the may primary for his seat, claiming defamation of character. Morgan alleges that Dr. Deanna Frazier, who won the republican primary for the Frankfort house seat that represents a good portion of Madison county, falsely accused him of solely backing legislation that benefits him and his liquor businesses.


The lawsuit, which was filed in Madison Circuit court today, also has defendants listed as Frazier’s campaign assistant and nearly 2 dozen others, who are unnamed. Morgan issued a statement saying that he is standing up for the people by filing the suit. WBONtv reached out to Morgan for comment, who said that he will talk to his lawyer before completing a video interview.

He also said that the lawsuit has implications far beyond our area, and the unnamed individuals are left anonymous for now for good reason.