Euthanization Date Cancelled: But Still Lots of Fur Babies in Need of Homes at Estill Shelter


After a large influx of kittens turned up at the Estill Animal Shelter in Ravenna this week, Shelter officials had set a euthanization date as they simply had no room to house all the furry friends. Director Tommy Mullen told WBON-tv they even had to house the cats in the dog kennels because of lack of space.

However, the word spread and now the shelter is down to only 5 kitties that need homes as of press time.

Mullen also responded to those that say it is a management issue that results in the shelter being overcrowded from time to time, and says that is is a spade/neuter issue instead. He also reports that the shelter has one of the lowest euth rates statewide, if not the lowest.

Despite the new adoptions, all cats and kittens are still free at the shelter, and Mullen says unless a huge amount of drop-offs occurs again, the euth date will not take place this Friday.

Mullen also put out a call to anyone to set up a GoFundMe for the shelter, so that they can work to get the animals in the area that need fixed taken care of. He says that no one connected to the shelter is able to do so because of conflict of interest, but they are still in desperate need of funds.