Playthink Festival Kicks off Tomorrow in Berea with Over 1400 Expected to Attend


The seventh annual Playthink Festival kicks off tomorrow in Berea. Don’t know what Playthink is? It is a weekend-long festival that features not just live music, but nearly 30 vendors as well as tons of activities for the entire family. Wbontv went down to the site in the heart of Berea’s mountains at homegrown hideaways this morning to speak to organizer Paige Hankla, who said that the movement was born seven years ago from her experience with hula hooping and other performance arts.

Hankla says in this seventh year they are starting to run out of room, as 1400 people are expected to start pouring into the remote location beginning Wednesday. However, she says 50 tickets are still available, and more information is available at the Playthink Facebook.