Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: KY House District District 81 Representative Wesley Morgan


Former Secret Service, ATF officer, and current business owner Wesley Morgan is seeking re-election for his KY House Representative seat for Madison County. The Republican incumbent came in for a two minute sitdown ahead of the primary and told us about his upbringing in the family liquor business, as well as his experiences after college.

Coming up to a full term under his belt, Morgan describes some of the impact he has had on certain bills and repeals such as the prevailing wage. He also spoke about his instrumental role in bringing to light the recent sexual harassment controversy in the KY House with Speaker Jeff Hoover.

Morgan says he is a strong Constitutionalist, especially when it comes to Second Amendment rights.

He also says he did not vote to cut EKU’s budget in the last session, and says that his ties with EKU are very strong and he would never seek to impede EKU’s financial state.

Lastly, Morgan says he is a very firm believer in repealing the state income taxes across the board, and that it goes contrary to the liberties of the people. He says using a model of Florida for a consumption tax would be much better for the Commonwealth.