Update From The Richmond City Commission


By:Lance Gaither

During Tuesday night’s city commission meeting the Kids to Park Proclamation was made.  The purpose of the proclamation was to encourage children in Richmond to live healthier and more active lifestyles.  Activities such as fishing and recreational sports are included in the proclamation.

There was also discussion and a vote that went three to two to retain the current city auditor Mountjoy Chilton Medley.  The auditing firm recently made a request to cut pensions for city employees which Commissioner Jason Morgan thought was an unfair decision to city employees and would harm the local economy.

The issues with Water St. were also discussed.   The street has had issues with flooding and water damage due to the creek that runs underneath it.  Mayor Jim Barnes said that during some of his walks down the street he often found that bricks that make up the street are popping out of place due to the water beneath the street.  Some commissioners felt that it was a engineering issue and the contracters who did the renovations should pay for the repairs.

There is also a new festival coming to Richmond organized by owner of The Kitchen Devon Rosenblatt.  He said the festival will occur on alternating Saturdays and that it will be a celebration of Richmond’s culture.  The festival will include local musicians, artist and more.

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