Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Constable District 1 Candidate Allen Wolfinbarger


Allen Wolfinbarger is running on the Democratic ticket for Constable in District 1, which covers parts of Berea and the Southern part of Madison County. He says he has a degree in Criminal Justice, and spent time escorting and guarding federal inmates.

Wolfinbarger said this is his first time running for office, because he deeply respected the previous constable and did not want to run against him. However, the spot is open now he says, and he wants to try and make a difference in his community. He explains he used to volunteer for Berea fire and rescue and The Red Cross.

During his two minute sitdown we spoke about the drug epidemic, which Wolfinbarger says needs to be mitigated with education. The main part of his platform, however, is that he wishes all four districts could work together as a combined effort for the betterment of Madison County. He mentions that some other areas of the country and state have tried or successfully done away with the Constable position, but he says this is an important piece of county government that needs to support law enforcement.