2nd Round of Eviction Notices Delivered at the Hines Motel Today


This morning at the Hines Motel property in Richmond, state, county, and local police were all on scene to deliver another eviction notice, as the tenants still remain on property.

This is following the eviction notice from last month, by the attorney of the school board, which had purchased the property back in March.

We spoke to sheriff Coyle, who was there to assist with the delivering of the writ of forcible detainer, which will reinforce the eviction notice and set a court date. Sheriff Coyle says the original paperwork was delivered by a constable, not the sheriff’s office.

Jerry gilbert, the attorney for the school board, told Wbontv a complaint was filed as today was the day the 5 tenants were supposed to vacate. A hearing date is scheduled for next Wednesday, and it is expected that if they are still not off the property, the court will give them seven days after that before they could possible be removed by the sheriff’s office. He explained that the tenants have gotten two and a half months to vacate, and that the legal process will be followed.

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