Extremely Graphic Video: Dogs Attack Another On Back Deck in Richwood In Full View Of Neighbors: Authorities and Neighbors Respond


Residents of the Richwood subdivision in Richmond are now fearful as a handful of homes were in full view of a vicious dog attack this week. Neighbors say that this is not the first time that the house in question has been complained against.

WBON-TV was there to capture video footage of two dogs attacking another, which we have to warn you is extremely graphic. A small portion of the minutes long attack can be seen after the interview with the neighbor in this video, but please proceed with caution as the footage is disturbing.

Neighbors say that the owners of the home keep the dogs confined in the small enclosure, a raised back deck. They report that the dogs are not adequately fed or watered, and as you can see in the video, their feces cover the small porch. Another neighbor reported that the owners breed the dogs in the confined area, and possibly even inbreed them. One told WBON-TV that they were out with their child, and one of the dogs got loose and tried to bite the child.

During this attack, Richmond Police were called and responded after the dogs potentially killed the third. Without the video, there would have been no evidence of the vicious attack.

We spoke to Richmond Police Chief James Ebert, who says that a full-on investigation is underway. He explains that the laws in Kentucky are such that it makes it difficult to press charges, but with the video and the reports from neighbors they now have sufficient evidence and probable cause to press charges on the owners, which will be happening this week. Chief Ebert says his officers that responded feel very strongly about the case now, and are committed to bringing justice.

County Attorney Jud Patterson also came in for an interview, and spearheaded the initial investigation after coming to WBON-TV studios to see the telling footage. He says this is most definitely a case of mistreatment by the owners, and the charges will be Animal Cruelty 2nd, which is a misdemeanor. He reiterates that the County will be following up with the case, along with the continued support of the Richmond Police Department to ensure justice for the neighbors. Patterson also states that this is not an issue regarding the breed of the dogs, that the animals were reacting to their environment.

Stay tuned as WBON-TV follows this investigation, and also looks to animal rights activists and neighbors to get the full picture.