Stories From Hines Residents: Roger


You may have caught our previous stories regarding the sometimes notorious Hines Motel, which was recently bought by the Madison County Board of Education.

However, even after no trespassing signs were posted and the windows boarded up, five families of the dozens that had previously stayed in the motel still remain.

WBON-TV visited the site, and asked if the residents would share their personal stories, in which they told us that they have simply fallen on hard times. The residents were all in agreement that many are quick to call them drug addicts, criminals, and prostitutes, but that this is not the case. These are their stories.

In this episode, we spoke to Roger, who had been living in the Hines for decades off and on. He says a recent car wreck put him out of a job, and him and his family have had to pay rent month-to-month at the motel. He says that they are now forced out, but he worries about keeping his daughter in school in the Madison County District.