New Threatening Phone Scam to be Aware of


After the recent releases from the Better Business Bureau of Central Kentucky as well as local law enforcement, there have been a plethora of phone scams in the area reported.

Most recently, a viewer came up to the station to play a threatening message which says he is facing criminal charges as there were 4 warrants out against him. When he visited the studios to show us, we made sure to call the number back: on camera!

WBON-TV looked up the information, and found the number was registered in Southern California. The voicemail advises to call the number back, so we did just that. The person on the other end did not offer any answers about why they had just called the local’s phone. The person eventually hung up, after we asked multiple questions about the threatening voicemail.

The Madison County Sheriff’s office says in response to this that this is just one of the many scams that have been reported to them recently. Deputy Michael Stotts says law enforcement would never advise someone of criminal charges and warrants via voicemail. He says that many of these scams are targeted at seniors, and if you answer the call, to immediately hang up.

Stotts goes on to say that if you receive multiple calls or are concerned, you can contact local law enforcement or even the Attorney General’s Office with the complaint, but there is no reason to be alarmed.