Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Magistrate District 2 Candidate Shane O’Donley


Republican Shane Patrick O’Donley was appointed by Governor Fletcher in Frankfort to work in the Office of Health Policies, and he now works for UK Healthcare. O’Donley says it is this commitment to healthcare as well as his family and neighbors in the northern part of Madison County that made him want to take the plunge and run for District 2 Magistrate for the county.

O’Donley believes strongly that the EMS response times could be better for the district, especially with the large amount of elderly that he says he lives near.

Also, with the addition of the new Boonesboro Elementary, O’Donley says there needs to be more presence of emergency responders in case any of the children fall ill or have an accident.

Another issue discussed was the economic growth in the Northern part of the county, which O’Donley says is non-existent. He cites the closing of the McDonald’s off the Love’s Truck Stop exit, saying that this is proof that no business is currently able to survive in the area. He explains that this is because of old ordinances that have never been changed.

To wrap up, O’Donley says that there needs to be change in this district, which has been under the same Magistrate for years and in his opinion, there has been no progress in the area he knows and loves.