Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Magistrate District 2 Candidate Bruce Barnes


Bruce Barnes is not only a former farmer and business owner, but he has lived in Northern Madison County his entire life.

He says this has made him make the decision to run for Magistrate to represent District 2, the area he knows and loves. Barnes says that there needs to be some change in the northern reaches of the county, especially when it comes to response times and road cleanup.

Barnes, who is running on the Democratic ticket, also discussed the drug epidemic, saying that he believes that those who sell drugs need to do their time. He says the overcrowded detention center is due in large part to the scourge of drugs, and that he would favor jail time before treatment centers.

He explains that the jail’s issues need to be fixed immediately, and funding should be funneled to the detention center first and foremost, as it has been an ongoing county-wide problem for quite some time.