Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: 81st District Representative Candidate Morgan Eaves


Although she may be running unopposed until November, Morgan Eaves says she has been hitting the campaign trail hard, as she has had it in her mind to run for the Kentucky House on the Democratic ticket for quite some time.

Her time as a commissioner for the City of Richmond has taught her a lot, Eaves elaborates, but says this is the next step as she wants to represent the people of her county in Frankfort.

Eaves says there is too much contention in Frankfort, and this has exacerbated the devastating budget cuts, especially to education. She explains that this is her number one priority, because here in Madison County not only is public education crucial, but the area also is home to Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University.

Another priority of Eaves’s is the attention to the drug epidemic. She added that the detention center is obviously too full here in Madison County, so the users need treatment and the dealers should remain incarcerated.

Eaves mentions her work with the Richmond Teen Center and the bus routes with KY River Foothills as some of the highlights of the work she has done in her time as Commissioner, and she wants to continue to represent those people. She lastly mentions that she is no stranger to contention herself, and will stand up for herself in Frankfort as she laughs and says she has had to do a few times on city government.