Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: County Attorney Jud Patterson


Current Republican Madison County Attorney Jud Patterson laughs and says his family has been tied to the area since Kentucky was Virginia, and explains this is where his roots are.

He wants to retain his position at the head of the County Courts, and says his office has made great strides since he was been in the position since last October.

Some of these things Patterson elaborates that they have accomplished already include the growing relationship between local law enforcement and his office, as well as new setups with Madison County’s award-winning IT department.

As far as the drug epidemic, Patterson believes in accountability, and that should come first before recovery options are offered. He says his office starts with a victim, so that the rights of the victim are just as important if not more than the person standing before the judge.

Going forward, Patterson says he wants to continue this upward momentum, and says that the position is about a lot more than prosecution. He explains that he is also general counsel for the $50 million organization that is the county he is deeply invested in.