School Searches and Safety: What You Need to Know from an Attorney


With the recent influx of school shooting threats and school violence not just across the nation but here in Central Kentucky, the Madison County Board of Education has fielded multiple ideas in an effort to keep students safe.

However, with the possibility of random search and seizures on the table, there may be some concern with violation of the 4th amendment as has been evidenced by other counties implementing the policy.

Attorney Randy O’Neal explains that the chipping away of the 4th amendment against illegal search and seizures is the trend as of late, and that schools in Fayette county have already had pushback from the random searches.

However, he says that there is a lesser burden of proof when in a school in order to warrant a random search, and explains for parents that any school official or ‘government body’ can search children if they deem it necessary.

Although other ideas such as metal detectors and the recent hire of 22 school resource officers have been announced as well, the school board is looking to ensure that all students in Madison County are kept safe.

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