Madison County School Board Meeting Features Robotic Legos


By: Lance Gaither

During Tuesday night’s Madison School Board meeting, the Shanon Johnson Elementary Robotic’s team showed off their latest project, robots built from Legos.  The team works in small groups to build and program the robots using a program on their computers.  They program the robots to complete a mission and test it out to see if it can do it. The students prepare the robot while it is in a launch area.

If the robot can complete the mission without help the students gain points, if it needs intervention outside the launch area, they lose points. The students feel that the being on the team teaches them to work in teams, as well as gives them a great intro to engineering, programing, and problem solving.

There was also a showcase from the Madison Southern Mock Trial Team who recently went undefeated in the regional championship.  In addition to winning the championship, two students from the team won awards for best witness and best lawyer.  The trial is based on a fictional case of a hazing prank gone wrong resulting in the death of the pledge.  The mock case involves determine if those involved in the accident should be tried for murder.

After the student showcase it was determined that the Madison County School Board would hire a cafeteria manager and assistant manager for the new elementary school.  There will also be a new bus garage built in Berea.  Although the exact date of its completion is unknown, it is expected that the new garage will begin seeing light usage at the start of the next school year.