EKU Marching (Dis)Banded


EKU’s band will be marching no more according to an announcement today. Due to the increased budget restraints, the EKU school of music said that the marching band program will now be eliminated according to the email sent to faculty and staff. The pep band that plays at sporting events will be turned into a student-managed club, and will be absent from the larger sporting events, such as football. As the marching band is disbanded, the club will now only preform at select basketball and volleyball games. This announcement follows on the heels of the 95 jobs that were instantly eliminated last week, as well as the loss of at least 12 majors due to the budgeting concerns.

Here is the full email:

Hello All,

In response to the budget situation and in consultation with our applied faculty, band conductors, and students, we will restructure the School of Music’s involvement in athletic bands beginning in Fall of 2018. We will follow the model set by other institutions of our size and budgetary situation, such as UT Martin. This new model will have opportunities for students who want to participate in athletic bands in the form of an Athletic Band ‘Club’, managed and funded by Student Success and directed by Dr. Wiggins.

This band will perform for select volleyball and basketball games. There will be no marching band–football game music will be handled by athletics.

We anticipate that this change will increase our recruiting and retention, give our instrumental majors more time, and allow us to devote resources to areas that we as a faculty have agreed are important. As this decision has been made with the input and approval of a majority of our applied faculty and directors, please support this restructuring among our current students, alumni, and colleagues and refer questions to either me or to Dean Zeigler.

This will require a change in our requirements for education majors, which I am addressing. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you, Jeremy