Richmond Child Care Center Closing its Doors For Good


Effective on the 27th of this month, the Richmond Childcare Center on Duncannon will be closing its doors…permanently. Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, the parent non-profit, issued a letter to all parents, stating lack of funds as the reason for the closing.

WBON-TV visited the site, and spoke to Director of Public Relations and Projects for Kentucky River Foothills Development Council Karen Atkins, who filled us in on some more details and read the official statement.

According to the letter, the projected revenue for 2017/18 fiscal year fell short, and there were no other options but to close the doors. The letter directed parents to a list of child care centers in the area, but said there were no viable options for transitions or keeping the center open.

The letter ends by saying that the center could close earlier in the month, if staffing becomes problematic.

Here is the text from the official letter:

Dear Parents/Guardians:
Projected revenue for the Richmond Child Care Center will fall short of expenses this fiscal year (FY 17/18) and in addition, we anticipate a sizable increase in the cost of fringe benefits for the upcoming fiscal year (FY 18/19). Therefore, effective April 27, 2018 the Richmond Child Care Center (RCC) will be permanently closing. We have explored other options, including transitioning the operation of the center to other entities. However, those negotiations have been unsuccessful and there are no other viable options for keeping the center open at this time.
RCC is operated by Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Inc., a non-profit Community Action Agency, with most of its programs funded by state and federal grants. In comparison, the Richmond Child Care Center is funded almost entirely by tuition (90% of the center’s operational budget is derived from tuition payments, and the remaining 10% is a combination of funds received from the CACF Food Reimbursement Program and STARS Programming). The center’s revenue is simply not enough to cover its expenses (personnel, fringe, and operations).
To assist you in finding alternative child care arrangements, a list of child care centers in Madison County can be found by contacting the Child Care Council of Kentucky. Their website information is as follows: We recognize that finding affordable and quality child care can be difficult, so please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance to you during this time.
While we hope you will stay with us through the last day the facility is in operation (04/27/2018), we will understand if you find child care elsewhere and choose to make that transition sooner. Please be sure to take your child/children’s belongings on his/her last day in attendance at RCC. We cannot be responsible for personal items left behind after 04/27/2018.
Although the projected last day the facility will be in operation is 04/27/2018, should we have insufficient staff to maintain child/staff ratios as required, it may become necessary to close the center at an earlier date. We do not anticipate this happening. However, we ask that you please make immediate arrangements for alternative child care in the event that this does occur.
We understand the difficulty our staff and your child/children will have in saying good-bye and ask that you please help us during this transition period to explain these changes to your child/children as positively as possible.
Please be sure to leave updated contact information (address and phone numbers) for future correspondence as needed (final receipts for tuition payments, for example, in the event that these are unavailable on your child/children’s last day). After 04/27/2018, any RCC related questions should be addressed to Virginia Embree, Chief Personnel Officer/HR Director (859-624-2046 Extension 1120).
Kathy Shew
RCC Director