Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Richmond City Commission Candidate Devon Rosenblatt


Transplant to Madison County Devon Rosenblatt may not have been here all of his life, but in the few years he has been in Richmond, he made it a point to get very involved in his community.

Rosenblatt owns and operates downtown restaurant The Kitchen, and has been at the helm of his business for multiple years. He says that this adequately prepares him for a seat on the Richmond City Commission as he knows how to balance a budget and responsibly use his finances.

He tells us in his two minute sitdown that as he is downtown everyday on Main Street, he knows there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to get the heart of Richmond to its full potential. Some of the things he mentioned were ensuring that the Farmer’s market continues to grow, as well as bringing live music to downtown.

Rosenblatt also touched on Police and Fire, and says that he goes out of his way to get comments and concerns from citizens, and that many first responders are disgruntled with pay, or their departments being short-staffed. He says he takes this into consideration, and also makes an effort to appear at City Commission meetings so that he is aware of what the community wants.

Although he explains that there is no one answer to some of these issues that keep coming up in the meetings, something needs to change. He says the only way that change can come about is if all viewpoints come together to work towards a solution for Richmond, which Rosenblatt says he is willing to do.