Interview with Berea City Council Member Jerry Little from Contentious City Council Meeting


The ongoing electricity contract debate in Berea came to a head last night in front of the nearly full city council chambers. Mayor Steve Connelly released his report of 6 months of research on the Electricity contracts and options for the city. However, council member Jerry Little had his own research to release, and the two as well as the rest of the council discussed the issue at length last night. After the rather contentious meeting, WBONTV spoke to Jerry Little to get his side of the story.

At one point, the crowd applauded when council member Cora Jane Wilson said the mayor was not listening to the council. Newer member of the councilor David Rowlette said that if the issue is not resolved soon, It will no doubt be a topic for the voters to focus on in the 2018 elections.

Watch the story below!