Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: Richmond City Commission Candidate Ronald Gosses


International artist Ronald Gosses says he is a transplant to Richmond, but when he got here he fell in love with the city.

Gosses says he also worked high up in large companies in both the United States and Canada, and is more than adequately prepared to serve on the City Commission. One of his highlights of accomplishments that he told WBON-TV about was a class-action lawsuit that he and his wife spearheaded, in which he fought injustice for those using HUD and section 8.

Some of the things mentioned in his two minute sitdown were the old armory building on second street, which he says could be more easily rehabbed than most people believe, and for cheaper. He says there could be multiple uses for the old building, which has been sitting for over a year.

Gosses explained that when he moved here, there were a lot more festivals and things to do in the downtown area, and that activities such as these should be brought back with the city’s extra funding, or funding from grants, to revitalize main street and Lancaster.

Stay tuned as Richmond City Commission candidates continue to explain their platforms in WBON-TV’s Two Minute Sitdowns.