Tempers Flare At Berea City Council Meeting


By: Lance Gaither

During the Tuesday night Berea City Council meeting, heated debate occurred during discussions on Berea Electric. Councilor Cora Jane Wilson said during the meeting that Mayor Steven Connelly isn’t listening the the council which was met with applause from the crowd. Throughout the meeting the mayor and councilors had several back and forth arguments about decisions the mayor has made about appointees for government positions in Berea and the continuing controversy about Berea’s electricity provider. Newly appointed councilor David Rowlette stated that if the issue with Berea Electric isn’t solved soon it will become an election issue for the voters to decide on.

Among other matters discussed was a request from the Berea Farmer’s Market to receive funding to hire a full time manager and a report from the Berea Human Rights annual report. During the public comment section of the meeting one citizen suggested that multi-purpose facility could be used to provide a place to hold the farmer’s market year round, as well as for other purposes.

A video interview with councilor Jerry Little about the Berea Electric controversy will be posted tomorrow.