Contention ‘Christens’ the New City Hall in Regards to Berea’s Electricity Contracts



A contentious meeting at the new Berea city hall this afternoon ended abruptly, after Mayor Steve Connelly left the podium after reporting his findings of 6 months worth of research regarding electricity contracts. The mayor told WBON TV one on one afterwards that there is no easy fix to this ongoing debate about whether or not the city should continue in its contract with Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency. Some of the concerns voiced by citizens and city council members alike were in regards to the cost to the rate payers of the city, the terms of the extensive contract, and the board members of the agency. The issue is due to be discussed more in depth at tomorrows city council meeting.

After a thorough delivery of the findings, the mayor thanked everyone for coming out to christen the new city hall conference room, amidst protestations from those in attendance as the question and answer session was cut short. Council member Jerry Little took the podium to divulge his findings that he also compiled after the meeting.

Mayor Connelly reiterated that this is still an ongoing process, and there was no concise way to sum up the findings as they had talked to multiple experts. However, he said the final answer will come with the negotiations with AMP for the changes to the contract, and that leaving KYMEA would be an uninformed and careless decision. Connelly said there will no doubt be more discussion on the matter at tomorrow’s city council meeting.