Bet You Didn’t Know All These Ides of March Facts!


Yesterday was Pi day, and today is the Ides of March. Do you know the meaning of the Ides of March? It goes back to the Roman calendar, and was known as the day for settling debts in ancient rome. In 44 BC, the date in the middle of the month became infamous as it marked the assassination of Julius Cesar.

Romans counted their days from three fixed points in a month-long period, instead of numbering each day, with the ides being the midpoint. There were also religious observances on the Ides of March in these times, including sacrifice.

Of course, many know this day as the date on which Julius Cesar was stabbed to death in the roman senate with as many as 60 conspirators plotting his death. This moment marked a turning point in Roman history, and sparked a civil war.

There you have it, this day in history: the Ides of March.