Election 2018 Two Minute Sitdowns: PVA Candidate Chris West


Democrat Candidate for Property Valuation Administrator Chris West says this is not the first time he has ran for the position, but he feels he has the experience and has a certified Senior Assessor designation by the Department of Revenue.

West says not many people are aware of exactly what the county PVA does on a daily basis, but says the gist is that they deal with all county real estate taxes. West explained that one of his strong points is that he knows the county like the back of his hand, from north to south.

As far as experience, West has 10 years as the Senior Assessor in the Madison County PVA office already, which adds to his overall 31 years of real estate valuation in the county. Most recently, West serves as the Property Assessment Coordinator with the Department of Revenue.

Watch the video to learn more about what the office of the PVA does for the county, as well as hear what West says he would bring to the position if elected.